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Most of you have probably heard about the terrible bus wreck Sunday morning (July 12, 2009) involving the Youth Group from FBC in Shreveport. They were on their way to a camp in Macon, Georgia. One of the students was killed.

Today Candy G. forwarded an email from one of the families involved the Murchison family. -- Listen to the opening paragraphs:

"By now many of you know of the terrible accident near Meridian MS yesterday AM involving the FBC Shreveport Youth Group traveling to Youth Camp in Macon GA. Our daughter, Lauren Murchison was one of three children pinned under the bus after a tire blew out and the bus rolled off of I-20. God was watching over them as a bus load of National Guard soldiers was behind the bus, picked it up, and the medics in the Guard Unit began triage for the bus riders. They also reportedly called in the medical flight that brought Lauren and her friend Maggie Lee Henson to the University Medical Center Children’s hospital in Jackson, MS. God was there with the soldiers and our children."

That was a terrible accident, but it was wonderful that a whole bus load of National Guard soldiers was there to help. They even picked up the bus! -- But the Murchison family knows that their help ultimately came from God.

The best help you can ever get comes from God. And He wants to help you. How should you respond?

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