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Glenys and I were only married five years and in our second church. Money was tight and our needs were overwhelming. For a variety of reasons we were down to making an important decision – give our tithe or use it to buy groceries. Our faith was simple but strong. We decided our $20 would go to God as it should and we would trust him to somehow provide the other. We had a little baby girl during this time so the decision was huge and the confidence that God would pull through for us was significant.

With that decision we headed out to look after some pastoral visitation. Among those we went to see was an elderly member of our church. After we sat with this soft-spoken, gentle-spirited man, we prayed with him and rose to leave. As we neared the door he took Glenys’ hand and said, "I want you to have this." Glenys hugged him, I shook his hand and we went to the car. When Glenys opened her hand there was a $20 bill. No, hold on a moment, it was two $20 bills. Would you believe it? There were three $20 bills! Sixty dollars in 1989 was not a small amount. God rewarded our faith three-fold! I believe this happened because we first sought the things of the Kingdom and God’s

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