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One evening a burglar finally decided to make his move. He had been casing a house for weeks and determined that tonight he was going to break into a particular house where he was sure that the owners had left for vacation. Slyly and with extreme stealth he headed to the window. He had already determined that there were no alarms and that the owners usually left the window into the living room slightly open.

He crept up to the window, double checked that no one was watching him, and carefully began pushing up the window. After slowly opening the window about six inches, he heard was startled to hear a voice cry out from inside the house, “I see you and Jesus sees you.” The burglar didn’t even think but turned around and fled. From a distance, he watched and waited for the police but none arrived.

“I was sure that no one was home,” he thought so he watched the house. There seemed to be no activity. The living room light came on at 8:03 by his watch, which he was sure was on a timer. He saw no movement and promptly at 11:13 the light went out.

“It’s got to be timer. There isn’t anyone home. Maybe I heard a radio or TV,” he said to himself. So he silently slithered over to the house and approached the window that he had earlier partially opened. As he firmly pushed up on the window, he heard the voice once again, “I see you and Jesus sees you.” It was too much. With his heart racing, he panicked and ran away. He expected that for sure this time, he would hear the screech of approaching sirens but nothing happened.

“Maybe there is someone house sitting,” he concluded. So he decided to watch the house the next day to be sure. However, all the next day, there was no movement or activity. There couldn’t possibly be anyone at home.

So the next evening, he crept up to the house constantly glancing all about to see if he was being watched. He approached the window and again began pushing it open. When it was open just enough for him to climb through, the voice said, “I see you and Jesus sees you.” This time he fought back the panic and just froze. He waited for the voice to say something else but he heard nothing else. Something wasn’t quite right so he proceeded to climb through the window. As he stood up inside the house, the voice coming from the corner of the room again said, “I see you and Jesus sees you.” He peered into the deepening darkness and saw a cage with a bird in it. He walked up to the cage and saw that it contained a beautiful parrot. He couldn’t believe that this parrot had caused him so much grief. He could take his time and get the best stuff.

The parrot once again said, “I see you and Jesus sees you.”

“Yeah, right, you stupid parrot. And what’s Jesus gonna do to me?”

Just then the robber noticed a huge Rottweiler emerge from behind a chair. The robber’s heart skipped a beat as the parrot said, “Sic’im Jesus!”

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