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Some years ago I heard an interesting story about a young boy living in Paris at the end of the World War II. He had been orphaned by the atrocities committed by the German forces. Now all alone, he was having to scrounge around the ruined city as best as he could to find food, clothes and shelter.

But nearly everyone was experiencing desperate times, and he found that people either ignored him or had nothing to give to him.

Years before, he had heard someone talk about God and Jesus. But with the hell on earth that the war had brought into his life, he had long since lost what meager faith he once had.

One cold morning, he was wandering down the street, staring into the windows of shops and cafés. He stopped outside the window of a small bakery. The smell of the fresh bread made his stomach ache with pain. He was so absorbed by the smell and sights of the bakery that he didn’t realize an American soldier had come up & was watching him.

The boy hardly noticed it when the G.I. walked past him into the store. He did, however, notice the large bag the baker was filling for the G.I. with rolls, breads, and pastries. And the boy could hardly...

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