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The Scripture texts we will be looking at today continue to paint a portrait of two lives. These two life stories communicate to us today the importance of having integrity and a strong relationship with the Lord.

David’s story shows how he was a man after God’s own heart. The result of this heart attitude and passion led him to become king. He goes from nobody to somebody to a fugitive to a king. His life story shows us what God will do with a person who is passionate for God and His ways. His life story is filled with applause and victory! David’s life of integrity propelled him to the top.

Saul’s story shows us what happens to a man who disobeys God, lacks integrity and forsakes others. His life ends in depression, defeat and suicide and the loss of his kingship. His life warns us to the destruction of sin and rebellion against God. His life story is filled with sorrow and tragedy. Saul’s life of sin and rebellion pulled him down a slippery slope to suicide and death.

I honestly believe that these two biographies were placed in the Bible by God as history lessons for us. To learn what to do in your life and what not to do in life!

Every day we make choices in life – we make choices based on our level of integrity and these choices bring ramifications to our lives in the present and in the future. These two stories drive home the point that integrity counts to God. Integrity does make a difference in our life – a huge difference – it will determine our destiny and impact us our entire lives.

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