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People have also used their own hands to take what does not belong to them. I told you the story of a politician whose mandate was taken away from him after winning the presidential elections, somebody was given the presidency, where is he today?, He even died before the politician eventually died. Two of them I believe would be sorting it out either in heaven or hell now. So what is in this life that you must destroy somebody’s life to make your own life better? It is not possible to destroy someone‘s life and make your own better.

It is only the people that cannot think and are not wise, that will take what does not belong to them. In the ministry in those days, there is this woman that we all loved so much, very brilliant, very knowledgeable, very beautiful, adoring, sociable, and likable. But there is this thing called wisdom, we need to continue asking God for wisdom, because at times it is very difficult to differentiate who is wise and who is knowledgeable. When they were about to choose the Head of that ministry, there were two people ahead of her, but she was so desperate and what happened was that two irrelevant positions were created and the two men ahead of her were posted to those positions, clearing way for her to be the head. So she became the Head of that Ministry. Taking what does not belong to you by force, because of impatience, greed, power, love of money can be very dangerous.

The first problem this position created was with her marriage. The husband believed that the only possible way for her to get to that position was because she was sleeping around. So there was a family problem as a result of this. So someone who used to go out with her husband before became someone that could not go out again because people would always be asking for the husband.

Secondly, the woman was from the part of the country where the ruling government deprived one of their kinsman the opportunity to rule, it was this same government that appointed her, so she was seen as a traitor by her own people who initially loved her. The people from this part of the country also set aside the date on which the election that their kinsman won and was annulled to protest against the government, however, the government insisted that everyone must go to work on that day, she was now torn between her job, her husband, her people and the government that appointed her. Probably to be on the side of her people, or fear, she did not go to work on that day. When she was not found at her table, she was given a query, and all these combined together was too much for her alone to handle, she collapsed and died right there in that office that she fought tooth and nail to get. Do not take anything that does not belong to you, and if you are in possession of something that is not yours please return it immediately, take action right now before you start having doubts whether I am saying the truth or not.

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