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The Cost of Salvation

Several years ago, there was 14 year-old girl (Laura Montero) whose appendix burst while she and her family vacationed on a cruise ship off the Baja Coast. The ship was hundreds of miles from help, and the crew sent out a distress call looking for the nearest surgical unit.

The USS Ronald Reagan was about 500 miles away - and they answered the call. The Carrier was in the midst of training exercises - but the crew of 6000 stopped and turned its ship around and steamed 250 miles through the night to get within helicopter transport range.

Laura was airlifted on board and doctors performed the life-saving surgery.

The cost: 2.5 million dollars per day. (from an article by Lisa Mikitarian)

Two and half million dollars! That’s a lot of money.

How’s that family ever going to pay for that?

They’re not.

The cost is way too high.

But the US government believed this little girl was worth saving, so gave her a FREE gift of life.

Two and half million dollars!

That’s a lot of money, but God paid a much higher price to obtain our allegiance:

"For God so loved the World that He... (gave His only begotten Son)."

From a sermon by Jeff Strite, Signing Up, 10/11/2009

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