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Michael Sattler tells the story of Christmas 1930. His wife had just passed away the month before, and he was lonely and heartsick. But mostly, he worried about the type of Christmas his girls would have.

When Christmas morning came, they opened their presents with unusual enthusiasm and merriment and when they had finished opening the last gift, the oldest Catherine said, "We know how much you miss Mama. We have a surprise for you." They scampered away. After a few moments a voice called out from the bedroom, "Close your eyes." When he opened them, he saw standing before him the Three Wise Men. Catherine said, "We have no gold." "Or myrrh," Sandy said. "Or incense," said Lucille. "And so" they said in unison with their arms spread wide open, "We bring you us!" Michael bent down, trying to hold back the tears in his eyes and scooped them up in is arms, embracing this great gift he had just received.

When we come to the manger this night, it's not about how a newborn makes you feel. It's not about what God has done...

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