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John MacArthur gives us reasons why we need to forgive in his book and series, The Art of Giving and Receiving Forgiveness.

a. Un-forgiveness imprisons people in the past.

i. I always say don’t let the past dictate the future.

b. Un-forgiveness provokes bitterness.

i. The Bible calls it the root of bitterness in Hebrews 12:15.

ii. He states, ‘Bitterness is the cancer of the heart.”

• Forgiveness is the most godlike act that a person can do.

• Forgiveness affirms unmerited love.

• God promises his love to those who forgive others.

• Forgiveness prevents hate.

• Un-forgiveness results in discipline by God.

• The unforgiving will not be forgiven by God.

Jesus makes it very clear in Matthew 6:14, 15 that we have to forgive. This is the primary reason we are to forgive others because He said so.

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