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Jesus is a sign of hope, and the friend of those who will not let hope die. He must increase, and we must decrease.

The Macedonian king, Alexander the Great, was about to launch a great campaign. It would be trying and difficult. It would mean slogging across the mountains, into unknown and dangerous territory. His campaign would require the hearts and loyalties of his officers and men. Alexander won the loyalties of his soldiers by distributing throughout his army all the wealth at his disposal. To each one he gave money or property until all his own resources were gone. One of his generals, Perdiccas, then asked Alexander, "Sir, what have you reserved for yourself?" Alexander’s answer was brief and to the point. "For myself I have kept only hope." "Hope".

Then Perdiccas responded, "We who share in your labors will also take part in your hope." Jesus, "The time of fear is over; now comes the time of hope."

(From a sermon by Joseph Smith, Friend of the Hopeful, 10/22/2009)

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