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Being open-minded means that I am willing to listen to feedback (like through a mentor as we talked about last week) and might even seek it out. It means that I will truly listen to what you perceive to be inconsistencies or flaws whether in my character or beliefs. It means that I will seriously evaluate them and if needed will seek to change myself or even my beliefs.

I have had conversations with those who shared their own doubts and misgivings as to the divinity of Christ. I have listened to and read some of these arguments and seriously reflected on why I hold onto what I believe. And I have determined that following Jesus is not only logical but actually exemplifies the best way to live. What I have found is that the Jesus most people object most strongly to is more the Jesus of a particular church or group and doesn’t seem to reflect the Jesus that I read about in the New Testament.

Paul became so open-minded that he willingly believed Barney that God was doing an incredible new work with those that he would have previously considered unredeemable: the Gentiles.

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