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A little girl was visiting over at grandpa's house. She crawls up into his lap and says "Grandpa, did God make you?"

He says "Oh, yes, my dear, God created me a long time ago."

She says "Did God make me, too?"

He says "Oh, yes, my dear, God created you a little while ago."

She thinks about it for a moment. Then she says "God's been doing better work the last while, hasn't He?"

That's a girl who appreciates the way God made her!

But not everyone feels that way. Sometimes we wish we were made a little better. I've heard boys say "I wish I was taller. When I play basketball, the taller boys always block my shots. And when I play defense, I'm too short to block THEIR shots! I know that God is great and God is good, but I wish He would have made me taller."

And I know some guys who say "I wish I was a little more handy around the house. My wife can put together an entire bedroom set all by herself, and I barely even know how to make the bed! When I see all the things she can do, and I see all the things I can't do, I feel inadequate. I know that God is great and God is good, but I wish he would have made me a little more handy."

What can end up happening is that instead of showing appreciation to God for how He created us, we criticize God for how He DIDN'T create us! Instead of praising Him that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we blame Him for not following our specifications.

So today, we need to be reminded of the love and the care that God put into creating us. We're going to look at Psalm 139, and we're going to talk about praising God for being fearfully and wonderfully made, and then we're going to talk about what being fearfully and wonderfully made means for our lives today.

(From a sermon by Marc Axelrod, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, 11/4/2009)

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