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Board Game, Sorry, Reveals Insincerity, Hypocrisy and Lack of Repentance

Have you ever played the BOARD GAME SORRY? You move your TOKENS around the BOARD & if you happen to land on the SAME SPOT of ANOTHER PLAYER then you say the word SORRY & you send them BACK to the very BEGINNING POINT. How many know the JOY of that game? SORRY!

I enjoy playing GAMES especially when I’m WINNING the GAME. It is no FUN to be the one who is KNOCKED BACK to the BEGINNING POINT of the GAME. However I LOVED to be the one who KNOCKED somebody else back.

When someone PRONOUNCED the word SORRY & then sent you BACKWARDS their SORRY was NOT SINCERE, it was very HYPOCRITICAL. The WORDS were SAID but they were NOT MEANT SINCERELY from the HEART.

This morning I want us to LOOK at the SORRY GAME that is OFTEN PLAYED when it comes to GOD & our RELATIONSHIP with HIM. The WORD SORRY is SAID but there is NO REAL GENUINE REPENTANCE & NO REAL CHANGE in their LIFE & the WAY they LIVE.. SORRY but there is NO REAL SPIRITUAL GROWTH. They SOON SLIP BACK into their SAME OLD INSINCERE LIFESTYLE.

Many PEOPLE PLAY that SORRY GAME with GOD. They SIN & then say the WORD -- SORRY but they NEVER COME OUT of SIN. They NEVER get VICTORY & they NEVER COME OUT of SIN. That’s the SORRY GAME:

From a sermon by Vernon Caruthers, The Sorry Game, 11/5/2009

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