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Climate at Church compared to Jewelry Store Grand Opening

John Bisagno former Pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church tells the story of his coming as a candidate for the position of pastor many years ago. He said that as he entered the auditorium it was dimly lit, with just a few people huddled together. They were singing some old slow funeral type song that was depressing. Later that day he took a walk in downtown Houston and came upon a jewelry store. It was some sort of grand opening and there were bright lights and a greeter at the door to welcome you in with a smile. Inside there was a celebration going on. There were refreshments and people having a good time talking and laughing with each other. They welcomed him and offered him some punch. He said that after attending both the church and the jewelry store, if the jewelry store had offered an invitation, he would have joined the jewelry store!

Before Jesus could even finish His sermon and give the invitation, many people came forward all right but they didn’t come to join the synagogue or to pray or to tell Jesus, “I really enjoyed the sermon today.” Instead, these people were so angry they rushed forward and it says they “drove him” out of the synagogue, out of the town and to the edge of the cliff.

From a sermon by Travis Markes, His Mission, 11/10/2009

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