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Think about a mother who just gave birth to her firstborn. Suppose that as she held her baby in her arms, someone came up to her and said, “How much do you want for the child?” Not only would the mother show no interest, but she would be offended at the thought that this precious child could be bought. Suppose, however, the stranger persisted and offered ten thousand dollars, then a hundred thousand, even a million dollars. Any mother in her right mind would turn and walk away, saying, “My baby is not for sale. She is worth more to me than all the money in the world.” Now, why would she say that? Is it because she’s looking forward to countless sleepless nights, thousands of dirty diapers, hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs directly related to raising a child, or to endless worries about safety and protection of her daughter? No! It’s because her child is a reflection of her, an extension of herself; this child is a part of her. The child’s value is wrapped in the mother. So our value comes from and is wrapped up in God.

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    Contributed by Joel Vicente on May 27, 2004
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    Susanna Petroysan heard her daughter’s pleas, but there was nothing she could do. She and four-year-old Gayaney were trapped beneath tons of collapsed concrete and steel. Beside them in the darkness lay the body of Susanna’s sister-in-law, Karine, one of the fifty-five thousand victims of the worst more

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