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"It interests me that God tests me by allowing me to go through difficult situations in order to prove the quality of my character, the genuineness of my worship and the motivations of my service. What is your Marah?

I can sing praises easily when things are working out well for me. Throughout my Christian life, I have not been so ready to praise Him during the tough times. So often I have failed the test of worship, but I’m learning that Marah is a place where God is able to intervene and turn bitterness into blessing.

Instead of complaining to others, I am learning to go to God for guidance and to trust in Him for my provision. He is even more interested in changing me than He is in changing my circumstances. It is when the cross is thown into my bitterness that my character becomes sweet and I begin to be the blessing to others that I was meant to be. It is when I am willing to sing even in my suffering that I am able to receive the miraculous intervention of God into my circumstances and recognize that He was leading me to an oasis all along."

Pastor Ross Cochrane

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