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Recently Julie expressed her desire to go on our Church missions trip to Cambodia. She was excited because we expected that the Government’s stimulus package of $900.00 for each person would cover the cost. All we had to do was put in our tax returns. My $900.00 came as expected, so we had more than half of the amount we needed, and we waited for Julie’s to come to cover the rest. We still needed the other $900.00 to cover the cost of a plane fare and other expenses. In faith, Julie prepared for the trip. She booked and paid for her fare. She received various shots from her doctor for Hepatitis and various other tropical diseases, which mounted up the bill.

Although we had sent our tax returns in, we discovered that Julie had not earned enough in her small home based business to warrant receiving the stimulus package. Not daunted, though disappointed, Julie prayed for the money to be provided. God is an amazing God! We recently received a gift from someone for $900.00 in the post in answer to Julie’s prayer. We have more than enough for her to go on the missions trip and our faith in our gracious God has once again increased.

God graciously provided manna in the wilderness for a complaining people. If I were God I would probably give them nothing until they repented, but God in His grace seeks to increase their faith as they witness His great faithfulness.

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