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Dr. William Evans, who pastored College Church from 1906-1909, was an unusually accomplished man. He had the entire King James Version of the Bible memorized as well as the New Testament of the American Standard Version. Dr. Evans also authored over fifty books. His son, Louis, became one of the best-known preachers in America and for many years pastored the eminent First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood.

When Dr. William Evans retired, he moved to Hollywood to be near his son, and when Louis was away he would substitute for him. One unforgettable Sunday Dr. William, as he was affectionately called, spoke on the virgin birth. All were amazed when he raised his Bible and tore out the pages that narrate the birth of the Lord. As the tattered scraps floated down toward the congregation, he shouted, "If we can’t believe in the virgin birth, let’s tear it out of the Bible!" And then as he drove home his point, he tore out the resurrection chapters, then the miracle narratives, then...

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