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William Borden was born in 1887. He was a Yale graduate and heir to great wealth. But he rejected a life of ease to bring the gospel to muslims. He refused to buy himself even a car and gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars to missions. Then, after only four months of zealous ministry in Egypt he contracted spinal meningitis and died. At the age of 25.

And you might say "See! See! See what happens when you surrender to the Lordship of Christ? You get sent to Africa and die!"

And then you realize, William Borden didn't go kicking and screaming. William Borden experienced indescribable joy in giving away his material wealth. William Borden was delighted to go where his heavenly Father had sent him. And it was NO loss at the age of 25 to enter the eternal pleasures of heaven. To be done with sin, and pain, and suffering and struggle to be forever perfectly in the presence of Jesus. Forever. Eternal joy. That's not loss. That's gain.

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