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On Tuesday night, we went around to a friend's place with a group of young leaders to share with them some insights – you know, from the vast accumulated wisdom of our years (Just joking – more like from the mistakes we have made). They did something so precious to us – they gathered around at the end of the night and they prayed and even washed our feet. We were so humbled by the honour they gave us so freely. God wants me to be like that – to pray into peoples lives and give voice to deep things that need expression in the very throneroom of our God.

God not only wants my heart, but He wants my prayers. If Noah was here today, he would say “If you want to know where to go from here, then intercede (ask on somebody's behalf) for God’s blessings.” Noah prayed for the generations to come as only a man who understands what it means to be saved can pray. You won’t find the prayer there in Genesis 8 but you do find God’s response.

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