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Let me share with you my story of the “Great Cake Bake”.

The great cake bake is the story of the day I was to prepare the ultimate cake for Thanksgiving dinner with my new in-laws. I mean this cake was going to be better than Betty Crocker could imagine. I remember waking up on Thanksgiving Day to begin my quest and adventure in the great cake bake. I put in all the right ingredients, mixed up the cake fix in the allotted time, and baked at the appropriate temperature as stated on the cake box. I was so happy when the cake came out looking absolutely perfect.

When we arrived at my in-laws for dinner, they raved at how the cake looked wonderful and couldn’t wait to eat it. Time for dessert came and we sliced the cake only to find that it was too thick - Yuk. I was so mad. I did absolutely the right thing and followed the instructions to the minute detail and this happened to me! I vowed at that moment never to bake a cake again the rest of my life but to order cakes. The bottom dropped out because it didn’t come up as I had expected. After this incident, I didn’t bake a cake for more than 20 years!

Can you see where I let the failure of the cake stop me from baking for 20 years? What has caused you to quit and give up?

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