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Victor Shepherd tells the story of a missionary surgeon from the Gaza Strip in Israel. On one occasion this doctor stopped at a shack to see a woman on whom he had performed surgery. She and her husband were dirt poor. Their livestock consisted of one rabbit and two chickens. For income the woman combed the hair out of the rabbit, spun the hair into yarn and sold it. For food she and her husband ate the eggs from the chickens. The woman insisted that the surgeon stay for lunch. He accepted the invitation and said he would be back for lunch after he had gone down the road to see another patient. An hour and a half later he was back. He peeked into the cooking pot to see what he was going to eat. He saw one rabbit and two chickens in the pot. The woman had given up her entire livestock- her income, her food, everything. She so appreciated what the surgeon had done she gave it all.

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