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What Happens Every 15 Minutes

Hands on Illustration: Set the timer for 15 minutes – I am setting this timer for 15 minutes and 15 minutes from now it will ring and at that point I will tell you how valuable 15 minutes are in this world.

When the Timer goes off and rings this is what would have happened in the world!

Do you know - What happens in 15 minutes? “Mission Maker Magazine”, page 18, Edition 2008, (

3,882 souls began life in the world

1, 721 souls meet Jesus face-to-face because they died

5, 448 people migrated internationally

201 children became homeless or family-less

1,137 rural poor migrated to cities worldwide

570 people moved into urban slums

34 people began supporting themselves only by collecting garbage

688 children under age five died from preventable starvation related causes in the world

5 Christians died for their Christian witness worldwide

The author of Ecclesiastes Solomon tells us from our text today that “Timing is an energy force which needs to be invested into eternity.” The timing of an action or a word will determine whether it is a success or a failure. There is always a time factor tied to everything we do in life. So we have to be able to discern what time it is.

From a sermon by Michael McCartney, Energy Conservation, 1/28/2010

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