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*** I remember being in the main avenue that runs through Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar w/ my wife Coral. As we stood in the downtown area we looked on both sides of the avenue where we saw a staircase ascending upon the ridge both ways. On those staircases hundreds of people – buying / selling / trading / manufacturing – some even living there w/ their families. My wife & I were gripped by the scene – look at them we said to each other. My wife asked me ..... “Would you come here for these people?”

That’s not such a simple matter when you’re talking about the world’s 4th poorest nation where poverty is rife & 3 – 4 year old children follow you through the streets begging. That’s not easy in a nation where in the main avenue of the capital city there is a constant smell of urine. That’s not easy in a nation where the price of food is roughly double what you pay here. That’s not easy in a nation where you don’t speak their language.

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