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Years ago in California there was an AG minister named Ralph Mahoney, who was the head of World Missionary Assistance Plan.

Also, every summer he ran camp meetings in California and Oregon. A group of people would register for a week’s meetings, which were financed by receiving offerings each night.

One day an energetic brother came excitedly into Bro. Ralph’s office and announced, “Bro. Ralph, I have a revelation from God! We’re going to stop receiving offerings and just trust God to bring the money in for the meeting!”

Bro. Ralph responded, “Are we going to trust God, or is Ralph Mahoney going to trust God?” The zealous one continued, “We’re going to trust God.”

Bro. Ralph was a wise man. He replied, “I have here in my desk drawer a nice little check. If you will sign it, we will stop receiving offerings. If for any reason not enough money comes in, I will cash your check for the balance of the costs.”

Bro. Ralph: “How many of you can guess that the brother lost his revelation?”

Here’s the moral of the story, which can be applied in many situations – family, business partner, prayer group member, etc.: If you can bring the pain of a decision to bear on the person making it, letting him make the decision is fine. But if the pain of the decision will be brought to bear on you, you should make the decision.

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