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Veteran Baseball Player Gets Frustrated When Manager Lets a Rookie Play His Position

A story is told of a baseball manager who was in charge of a great baseball team that he felt sure was headed for the World Series. The Manager was excited about his team’s progress but desired to see more improvement in one of his rookie players. During one game, he decided to start the rookie outfielder in the Left Field position. The veteran outfielder who normally played the position was furious. When the rookie mishandled a fly ball, the veteran banged his glove on the bench in disgust. When it appeared the rookie was back too far, the veteran would throw both hand in the air, and say, “Can you believe this kid?” By the third inning, the rookie was charged with an error. Later in the game, after fielding a ground ball fairly well, he overthrow home plate. By this time, the veteran outfielder was pacing back and forth in anger and disgust. He could not believe the manager was leaving that bumbling inexperienced rookie in the game. In the sixth inning, the manager tapped the veteran left fielder on the shoulder and said, “Go in and replace the kid, that’s enough for today.” The veteran growl snarled, “Well, it’s about time,” storming out onto the field. When the rookie came in, the manager patted him on the backside as he passed, “Way to go, kid.”

It wasn’t too long before the veteran player mishandled a fly ball; later in the same inning he was charged with an error. After a popup to center field, the inning was over and the veteran headed for the dugout. A hush that could almost be felt filled the dugout, as the veteran outfielder entered. No one, not even the manager said a single word, everyone had paused to hear what comment if any the veteran player would make. After kicking up some dust, throwing his glove on the ground, he barked at the manager, “That rookie has got “left field” so mess up, nobody can play it.”

Some preachers had complicated, confused, and even distorted the message of salvation to the point that many people wonder, “Does anyone know; Is anyone sure what to believe.

From a sermon by Otis McMillan, "The Way to Salvation by Faith," 2/2/2010

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