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A. 19 Yr-Old Speed-Skater JR Celski.

1. Going into final turn the 1,500-meter short-track speed skating final

2. J.R. Celski was fifth – skating behind Apolo Ohno who was in 4th

3. The South Korean skaters had a firm grasp on the gold, silver and bronze.

4. And then inexplicably, two of the South Koreans crashed, and Celski followed teammate Apolo Anton Ohno across the finish line to stunningly finish second and third.

B. A Bigger Reason Why It Should Have Been Impossible For Him To Have Been On That Medal Stand

1. 5-months earlier - Olympic trials - horrible skating accident – full speed

2. Skate of a competitor sliced through his thigh

3. Lay on the ice – profusely bleeding

4. Cut = 6” wide x 2” deep – barely missing major artery

C. "When I was laying on that ice, I was in defeat at first . . . I thought my whole career was over. But I guess in those moments is where we truly define ourselves."

D. "After it happened, I knew I needed to get back on my feet…”

E. Medical Director For The US Olympic Team Said, "There are never any guarantees with an injury like this, but I will say this: Whatever happens to J.R., it will not be because of a lack of effort. He is working so, so hard,"

F. By October, Celski was able to throw away his crutches. Though he still couldn't skate, he stayed motivated by going down to a rink near his place at the training center in Colorado and watching his friends…

G. He finally got back on the ice on November 16, just 8 weeks before the Olympics. It was difficult for him, and he was tentative and he skated very slowly,

H. In Just 8 Short Weeks, He Was Able To Get Strong Enough To Compete

1. Skated the 1500 meter short track

2. That night, stood proudly on medal stand with a Bronze around his neck

I. Guts & Glory – how bad do you want it?

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