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WHEN MY DAD DIED, I INHERITED A TAP COLLECTION! Brass taps! I’ve never heard of someone who collects taps. Every shape and variety of brass taps. They were too heavy to put them in my suitcase so I placed them in a carry-on-bag as I went to the airport. My bag was taken through the X-ray machine a number of times, and there was a little commotion as some seriously heavy looking guys in uniforms asked me to open the bag. It occurred to me that taps look very much like guns in a carry-on-bag and I’m sure they expected an arms cache and that I was trying to smuggle illegal weapons to a gang in the Whitsundays. I smiled and explained that my dad had just died and that this was my inheritance. Surprisingly, they let me through with my taps. NOT A SINGLE WEAPON WAS FIRED ON THE PLANE!

Abram had decided to stay in Haran until the time came to bury his father. This meant that the inheritance of Terah’s considerable estate was now his. ABRAHAM WAS A RICH MAN. Some criticize him for staying in Haran saying that he fell short of the promises of God, distracted by the attraction of wealth. I don’t think he was saying, OK, HE’S DEAD! WHAT HAVE I INHERITED? But he did stay in Haran until his father died.

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