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Story taken from Dr. David Jeremiah:

The Ortiz family ministers to a small congregation in Ariel, about 40 miles north of Jerusalem. On the Feast of Purim, gifts of food and drink are sent to friends. As if in celebration of the holiday, a gift basket was delivered to the Ortiz home. 15 year old Ami was home alone, and he tore into the package with the anticipation of some candy and some other sweet treat. He certainly did not anticipate the explosion that ripped into his young body. Hundreds of shards, including pieces of metal, safety pins, and screws, pierced him and left him in critical condition. He was blinded by the shrapnel imbedded in his eyes, and both eardrums were punctured, leaving him with a significant loss of hearing. Ami spent 5 months in the hospital, lost some toes through amputation, and endured nearly a year in a pressure suit to assist in his healing from his severe burns.

When Ami was questioned by the reporter about his attitude toward those who did this evil to him, he replied: "I don’t feel hate. I don’t see a reason for it. It’s just not there. It wasn’t there from the beginning. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s just not there. No hate at all."

How can Ami have no hate in his heart? Only through the cross of Christ.

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