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The true story is told of Anny Pennica, a 62 year old woman who had been blind from birth.

At age 47 she married a man she met in her Braille class and for the first 15 years of their marriage he did the seeing for both of them until he also became completely blind.

Anny had never seen a tree or a sunset or the ocean in her entire life, yet she had grown up in a loving and supportive family so she was never resentful about her physical position in life.

Then in 1981 a certain doctor performed surgery on her eye to, remove a cataract from her left lens., and for the first time in her life Anny could see.

She said that she found everything so much bigger and brighter than she had imagined.

…and since that day Anny has hardly been able to wait to wake up in the morning to put on her glasses and enjoy the rising of the sun.

Now, just for a moment, just think how wonderful it must have been for her when she saw for the first time in her life?

Just imagine seeing the ocean and trees and a flying bird for the first time at 62 years of age?

I think sometimes we take the gift of sight for granted, because physical sight is something wonderful.

The miracle of seeing for the first time can hardly be described I think.

…and yet if you think about it, there is a seeing that is more exciting than that, - and that is seeing God.

I think that day when we see Christ’s face we will be overcome with so much excitement and joy,…that we cannot even compare what Anny must have felt like when she could see for the first time.

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