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Just last week two women were arrested at Liverpool airport for trying to board a plane with a dead body, they put the dead man into a wheelchair and put sunglasses on him, and were trying check in for a flight to Berlin on Saturday. But airport staff became suspicious, and the two were arrested on suspicion of "failing to give notification of death."

A lot of people act that way with their spiritual state. They try to cover up the fact that they are dead in trespasses and sins by dressing the corpse up in good works, and kindnesses and charitable deads. They try to make a man who is dead in trespasses and sins look like he’s alive – and they may even patch a little religion on there to complete the look. But the truth is, it’s still a dead man. The only hope for such a one is resurrection.

Outside of Christ we are dead men, and we can apply all the dressings and the disguising we like to the outside, but unless we give that silly game up and allow Christ to come and live on the inside and makes us a completely new person, we are kidding ourselves. We are patching up the old with the new, and the new is not compatible with the old.

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