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I had never been much of a saver, but there came a time after some years of failing to save anything that I decided to break the habit. I could ill afford to save at the time, I had financial constraints / a number of factors that suggested I wouldn’t be successful. But my determination to get some money behind me was even stronger than my restrictions. I determined to save no matter what sacrifices I had to make in other areas (I still was faithful in my giving to God by the way) and because of this I managed to save $5,000! No small feat for someone who had never saved before.

We can break the patterns of our past, no matter how bad the patterns have been!

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    Contributed by Ed Vasicek on Dec 2, 2004

    Well over 100 years ago, Charles Spurgeon put it this way, discussing how conversion can inadvertently make one self-absorbed: “….One of the first works of the Holy Spirit is to make the man look at home, and to consider the condition of his own soul. When the Spirit of God has made a man thus more

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