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When you prepare to come out of high school, you go through processes in grade 11 and 12 where you evaluate future options. You might have had a conversation with your school counsellor, talking about programs and courses you needed to qualify for certain post-secondary studies. From there you applied for colleges and universities that would help you achieve your goals. If people ask you what you plan to do with your life, you’d give an answer that might include a degree program with a Major in a certain field. You might outline your plans for where you want to work and where you see yourself in the next five or even ten years. In other words, you look to the future. What you’re planning today is bigger than NOW; it’s about where you see yourself and what you believe you should be doing and where you should be living later on.

That’s a lot like what Abraham was going through in expressing his faith that had a huge conviction about it. He saw God’s plan and his part in that process as being bigger than where he was at the moment; it was really about something much bigger down the road. It was about heaven.

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