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Skuvbalon took on the nuance of a vulgar expression with emotive connotations (thus, roughly

equivalent to the English “crap, s**t”) is probable. . .”

skuvbalon. If you study the use of this word outside the Bible especially in the first Century it is

most often used as a general term for excrement! Second Paul in several places uses shock to

make a point. Lastly, Paul uses terms as word plays. In verse two Paul starts current contexts by

calling false teachers Dogs- then in verse eight uses general term for excrement. But what is the

worst type of excrement? What type of animal is being talked about in context? Dog! I believe

to shock the philipi church into how serious this threat of false teaching about human effort-Paul

is saying it is dog-do-it is Skuvbalon.

It is my theory that Skuvbalon, is where the creator of Skooby-Doo, got the cartoons name! How

many remember the cartoon Skooby Doo? How well do you know your Skooby doo?

Scooby Doo was always solving some mystery. The mystery to me is after the reality of human

weakness, and how little life makes us-How we still act like human goodness can save us! To that Paul

would say Skuvbalon!

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