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When I was a boy we had access to numerous motorbikes and go-carts. My father refused to buy us any kind of motorised vehicles because he did not want us to get injured. But most of our friends and family had some sort of motorbike. As youths, the parents always set the governor really low. This was a switch that regulated the amount fuel that went through the carburettor and by default how fast the vehicle would go. When it was switched completely on you could have the throttle wide open and snails would over take you. We could never figure out why these things went so slow. But it was a happy day when we finally learned how to adjust the governor and turn if off. It was a happy day when were able to unleash the power of that engine. The power was there all the time, but it was restricted.

Friend we have so much power available to us. There is so much strength that is included in this liberty in which Christ has made us free. Yet with all that dynamite power we live such firecracker lives because it is restricted by weights and besetting sins. But all that is turned loose when we live and Consider Him.

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