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Way back in January of 2002 we taught William Fay’s approach to sharing the gospel. It was called “Share Jesus Without Fear.” A part of those sessions dealt with handling objections.

"There are many religions in the world. How can you know the right one?"

Response: "All religions can be divided into one of two kinds. All those in the first group make two claims: (a) Jesus is not God, or He is not the only God; and (b) if you do enough good

things, you can receive salvation.

"On the other hand is Christianity, which claims (a) Jesus is God in a human body and (b) as the sinless, perfect One he paid for our sins by dying on the cross, then rising from death to give us

eternal life.

"Not both these things can be true. All of us have to decide to place our trust in one view of Jesus or the other." This takes a big argument and makes it very small.

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