Sermon Illustrations

(ILL: Customer Service)

Have you ever had to call a company about a product, and had to deal with customer service? It can be a nightmare, can’t it?

I have had to call the IRS a few times in the past. You see, ministers are given some benefits in regard to their taxes, but you have to record the income information correctly. I was taught that you, also, need to make certain handwritten notes to clarify certain things. Well, a few years ago, when the electronic filing had just started, there was no way to record those hand-written notes. Because they didn’t have my notes, they made some changes to my tax return, and it made it look like I made more money than I actually did. Because of the changes, they said I owed some taxes instead of getting a refund.

So, I called the IRS, and I talked to one person, who couldn’t help. They transfered me to another, to another, to another. And I was ready to pull out my hair, and I just wished I could speak to somebody who was in charge and who knew what was going on.

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