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jeans, and no shoes. That was, after all, his wardrobe for 4 years of college. Bill was brilliant. And He became a Christian while in college. Across street from his college was a church – a church where everyone was well-dressed and very conservative. Bill went there one day. He walked in as he was – with the wild hair, the T-shirt with holes, the jeans, and no shoes. The service had already started so he walked down the aisle looking for a seat. The Church was packed so it was hard to find seat. It was obvious as he walked down the aisle that people were uncomfortable with his presence. He ended up down front without finding a seat, so he sat on the carpeted floor. By now the tension was thick. As Bill sat down the minister spotted a deacon slowly making his way towards Bill. The Deacon was in his 80’s, with silver-gray hair, wore a 3-piece suit, and walked with a cane. He was a godly, elegant, dignified, highly respected gentleman. People were guessing at what he’d do to Bill! The Church was silent as the Deacon slowly walked towards Bill; the only sound was the clicking of his cane. The minister decided to hold his sermon until the Deacon arrived at Bill and did whatever he planned to do. Finally he arrived. He dropped his cane on floor and with great difficulty lowered himself and sat down next to Bill. The people were moved to tears. The minister stood up and said, “What I’m about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen you will never forget.”

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