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Leaving behind a godly legacy is a Long, and sometimes Difficult Process.

Let me try to explain this process through a simple illustration. If you have been around CBC for a while you have already seen this but I think that is worth repeating.

(Hold up a Helium filled Balloon)

When a child is first born we hold unto them very tightly, protecting their every thought and movement. But, as time goes on, and our child begins to naturally mature, as a healthy parent we must be willing to loosen our grip.

Note: (@ this point I will hold unto the end of a balloon where it is knotted and wave it slightly).

At first our Child is given very little freedom! As parents we stay very close to them. We want to have a strong influence in their lives. We want to protect them.

However, Little by little, step by step, year after year, as the child continues to mature and to display more responsibility, it is the healthy parent’s responsibility to keep on loosening our grip more and more. Note: (I will slowly let out the string)

Eventually their comes a time in every parent’s life when we our jobs are complete and we must let go completely of our children and entrust them into God’s care!

Turn to 2 Timothy 1:5 (Read)

Here we learn that Paul recognized Timothy as a young man strong in doctrine and faith, ready to be a leader and...

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