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One report states that kids are media multi-tasking 29% of the time

31% of kids say they multi-task while doing homework

8-18 year olds are exposed to 7 hours 38 minutes of media per day (with multi-tasking, turns into a total of 10 hours 45 minutes per day)

15-18 year olds spend 1 hour 51 minutes per day texting

On average there are more televisions per household than there are children per household

A child will spend 18,000 hours in front of a television by the time they graduate high school (5,000 more than they spend in school)

1 out of 5 toddlers under the age of 3 have a television in their bedroom

Research shows that the average American ingests 34 gigabytes of information in a day from various forms of media (tv, music, games, internet, etc.) This translates to 105,000 words per day from media.

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