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Charles Stanley on the Difference Between Decision and Commitment

Charles Stanley says in his book, Confronting Casual Christianity, in answer to that question,

“because these couples made a decision but did not make a commitment. Every person who married made a decision! They stood before the preacher and made promised and recited vows. They made a decision, they kissed each other and walked out together to live but not necessarily “happily ever after” and not necessarily together. So why did they divorce? The answer is that they made a decision, but they did not truly commit their lives to each other. But when a couple marries and makes a commitment to one another that is a different story.”

The same is true in the church.

The reason the church is not making more of an impact in our communities is that many church members made a decision about Christ, but have not made a commitment to Christ.

This is the reason why it is easy to say you are a Christian believer and not necessarily feel the need to be committed to a local church.

From a sermon by Dan Stires, Conversion and Commitment, 3/4/2010

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