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Beer commercials do not really sell beer. Have you seen how they really sell "living it up with others" or what Christians call "community"? Do they not sell good looking people partying with other good looking people? Even the losers in those commercials all of a sudden become cool and can party hardy all because of the beer. It seems to say if you wanna be with the good looking people, buy the beer, not only beer but the right brand of beer. I have not seen a beer commercial that says, go drink the beer by yourself so u can get drunk silly by yourself, puking all over the place by yourself, while passing out with giant gash over forehead cause you just hit your head on the bathroom sink, and then deal with a giant sized hangover the next day and having to deal with a beer gut the rest of your life, alcohol addiction, damage to drywall because you put a hand through it and drunk driving charges. That will not sell. Instead it pushes the idea of community, with cute folks who love you, love your jokes and gags, love your super duper silliness! People in the beer commercial business know you can manipulate the masses to buy beer if it meets a real human need. They know what people really need is not beer, but relationships, genuine community. So they sell you their idea of community, the price of admission is a six pack of beer. They know they have stumbled on something really good, i.e. celebrating with others, pure enjoyment of living it up with others. The greatest need in humanity is not beer, but living up life, celebrating life with others.

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