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I am convinced that the greatest need of our time is genuine community. For instance, I see it oozing out in the World Cup of soccer. I am seeing people spending money buying vuvuzuelas--you know, those plastic ugly-sounding horns which sound like bees buzzing--and blowing them as if there is no tomorrow. I see people spending tons of cash just to be in South Africa, pouring money for souvenirs, hotels and meals and not only that but braving the crime-ridden streets of dangerous South Africa, where people are afraid of stopping their cars at red-lights for fear of being car-jacked. No matter the costs and inconvenience, these folks wanted sooo bad to be part of the soccer-crazed community of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. They could ‘ve watch the whole tournament on a TV set safe in their homes far away from soccer hooligans and the infamous crime ridden streets but they chose with all their hard-earned money to be in South Africa and having their ears ripped apart by the vuvuzeulas, just to have the world community of soccer come alive for them.

Last week, I got a haircut. The barber and I got talking about the world cup and he enjoyed it so much that he said he’d give me the best haircut ever. Then last Sunday for lunch, the owner of a Chinese restaurant was spitting mad because the Australians were massacred by the Germans 4-0, saying that the Aussies are a disgrace to world soccer.

Why such passion? Could it be for the simple fact it in soccer we the inhabitants of this world found some sense of connection, even if it is somewhat supeficial--community.

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