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Have you ever seen a Billy Mays commercial? He has unfortunately passed away, but he was known for endorsing a lot of products, always keeping a loud voice volume, and enthusiastically selling some of the most ridiculous items on the market. One of the items he endorses is called the Awesome Auger. Billy Mays said in this commercial, "It takes the hard work out of yard work." It can do a wide variety of tasks, whether relating to boring massive holes in tree roots or relating to mixing gallons of paint. Anyway, I am not saying that you should necessarily go out and buy this product, but I will note that the Awesome Auger is a small tool, but it is POWER-PACKED.

Our text today is the first sentence in Paul's letter to Titus. I am reminded of products like the Awesome Auger when I think of both this text and the entire book of Titus. Titus is a very short book, but at the same time, it is very dynamic (power-packed) and useful in its content. It covers a wide array of topics, and we will be exploring its admonitions through these next weeks.

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