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Some years ago in Dayton, Ohio, a very young little girl came to know the love of Jesus Christ. She became an earnest Christian. She loved her father very much, but her father was not a Christian and he had no concerns for the affairs of the Body of Christ.

Each evening as the father came home from work, this little girl would meet him at the gate. The gate was very high and the palings of the fence were close together. In order for his daughter to see him come home through the gate, he took a paling off the gate. Each night when the father came home from work, his little Christian daughter was waiting for him, eagerly looking through the palings of the gate.

Then one day the little girl became very ill, an illness that would lead to her going to heaven. As she became more and more ill, the little Christian girl told her father, "When I get to heaven, I am going to ask God to pull a paling off Heaven’s gate so I can look through to see you come."

(Knights Treasury of 4,000 Illustrations, Walter B. Night)

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