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If you have one or more of the gifts of service, you are critical to the work and glory of God. Do not think lightly of your place in God’s plan.

A man goes to buy a hamburger for lunch. The young lady behind the counter asks, “Do you want fries with that?” The man answers he does. The lady gets the fries from under a hot lamp. She could not have gotten the man fries if someone had not delivered them in a truck. The truck driver could not have delivered them unless someone had grown the potatoes and taken them to market. The fries could not have been taken from market and delivered by truck unless someone had made boxes in which to ship them. The boxes would not have been available unless a plant had been built. The plant could not work without a machine, and the machine would not have been available without an engineer to design the machine. The engineer is working on the design of a machine when he notices it is noon. He drives to the nearest fast food restaurant and orders a hamburger. The lady asks, "Do you want fries with that?"

Everyone in the story is important. Some may make more money or have more prestige, but if you left out one person in that circle there would be no fries in the restaurant. Service gifts tend to be in the background, but that does not mean they are unimportant. They are critical to a church accomplishing the work of God to his glory.

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