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The devil’s counterfeit initially looks like the real thing. But its fake.

• A counterfeit faith stops when man’s capacity ends – a Biblical faith begins where man stops.

• A counterfeit faith depends of appearance, coercion, and deception – a Biblical faith depends on the reliability of Christ

• A counterfeit faith insists upon its authenticity – a Biblical faith says “by their fruit you shall know them.”

• A counterfeit faith focuses on experience – a Biblical faith looks unto Jesus the author and finisher of its faith

• A counterfeit faith offers you the world – a Biblical faith offers you life and a life to come

• A counterfeit faith breeds enslavement, destruction and ruin – a Biblical faith gives freedom

• A counterfeit faith offers what it cannot produce – a Biblical faith produces what you can’t create

• A counterfeit faith is man-centered – a Biblical faith is Christ-centered.

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