6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

I purchased this doll a few years back when I visited in Russia. It’s called a Matryoshka doll (Russian Nesting doll). (taking dolls apart) If you’re familiar with these dolls, you know that you open up one and there’s another inside … and so on and so on.

This continues until you get to the last and smallest doll.

My grandkids love to play with these dolls --- which is why this one is cracked and taped!

The point is that what happens to the original doll happens to all of them.

(Put them back together while talking, stop at the broken one)

If you put it up high on a shelf (which is what we do to limit access to little hands) then all the other dolls go with it. If you throw it in the trash, then all the other dolls go with it.

Whether you are big or small, old or young, rich or poor, having a good day or a bad day … it doesn’t matter because your life is HIDDEN IN CHRIST. Maybe you feel like this one … cracked and taped up … (put broken one in) but it doesn’t matter … because we are HIDDEN IN CHRIST.

· Where He is, you are.

· What He does, you will do.

· You are completely covered by His perfection.

· Your identity is In Him.

Jesus wants to live His resurrected life in You, and at the same time, He will cover you with HIS perfection.

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