3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Years back I heard someone talk about the faucet principle … and I’ve discovered that it really works. If I turn on a faucet at my house, I have the entire contents of the Edwards Aquifer at my disposal. I don’t need to worry that if I run the water I’ll end up with a trickle … unless, of course, I fail to pay my S.A.W.S. water bill. There’s more than enough water available for anything I might need. I need not be stingy with my water.

The same principle works with my giving. I have a spiritual faucet --- connected to the storehouses of heaven itself. When I turn on the faucet to give … there is an abundant supply to meet that need … with an abundance left over. I need not hoard my assets under the assumption that the reservoir might dry up. My heavenly supply is abundant --- above anything I might imagine. I can give freely, knowing that God will see to it that I can give again tomorrow.

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