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The idea of hell and judgment are nowhere to be found in Betty Eadie’s bestseller, Embraced By The Light, on the N.Y. Times bestseller list for more than 40 weeks, including 5 weeks as #1.

In November 1973 Eadie allegedly died after undergoing a hysterectomy, and returned five hours later with the secrets of heaven revealed by Jesus.

Eadie says that Jesus "never wanted to do or say anything that would offend me" while she visited heaven. Indeed, Jesus seems to be relegated to the role of a happy tour guide in heaven, not the Savior of the world who died on the cross.

The Apologetics Index ( family of web sites provides 40,870+ pages of research resources on alternative religions, religious cults, the sects, and movements that are deceptive and unbiblical. One( said:

It has been well-documented that Betty Eadie’s story is full of contradictions. (Her gynecologist denied that she died.) Furthermore, Eadie has changed her story a number of times depending on the audience to which she is speaking.

Her book Embraced by the Light was originally published as a MORMON book by Mormon publishers in Utah. (Eadie has been a Mormon since BEFORE her experience and reflects classic Mormon doctrine.) It quickly became the #1-selling book among Mormons.

The general public then picked up on her story, which was quickly changed to be more palatable to the general audience. She quickly became a "Christian" and her books sold in Evangelical stores.

Then, suddenly, Jesus as the Light became just a light that could be Buddha or some other religious figure to someone else. Her original MORMON volume recounts how Jesus told Eadie abortion was wrong; it is a crime against the child.

Then, in her second book, Jesus is suddenly very pro-choice and is saying something completely different. Also, distinctively Mormon phrases are removed.

From the Leadership U website (

Ms. Eadie says that she was shown in the spirit world that we were with God in the beginning and that we helped him to create the earth.

She tells us that Eve’s "initiative" made it possible for mankind to have children, that sin is not our true nature, and that we are inherently divine.

She continues by saying that we are all God’s children and that we are here on earth to learn the lessons we need for our own spiritual evolution. Our key lesson is to remember our divinity and return to heaven.

Eadie embraces the idea that all religions and faiths are equal in God’s sight and that they are essential in our development. Likewise, spirits from the other side will also help us learn the lessons of...

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